Why should I use a bookkeeper?

Published on
August 25, 2021

As a renowned disrupter of the bookkeeping market, I am often asked why a small business owner needs to rely on professional external bookkeeping support, rather than doing it themselves or considering a cheaper alternative to save money.

This is an easy question to answer because it is a no-brainer.

There are times in your life when only a qualified expert will do.  For example, if you are about to undergo brain surgery, will you be happy if you found out that your surgeon was a plumber who had read a book on brain surgery and thinks he knows enough to do the operation? Or would you rather know that your surgeon has many years of experience doing exactly the operation planned for you, has trained his team to the peak of professionalism and that they have an outstanding success record?

Although I am not trying to compare bookkeeping and brain surgery, there is a principle here that applies to both scenarios. There is absolutely no comparison between reading a book or playing with a bookkeeping program for a little while, and the skill and experience of a fully qualified bookkeeper.

But why is this so important?

Your business records are the most important part of your business. As well as keeping the ATO and ASIC onside, having up to date and accurate accounts helps you understand what is happening inside your business, and provides the foundation for making the right decisions.

So, back to why you need a qualified bookkeeper, an employee of My Accounts or at least a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

All of the team at My Accounts are trained to a high standard and subjected to intense professional examination before they are allowed to work on one of our clients accounts. Further to this, all of our bookkeepers are university graduates in accounting who work under the supervision of a Team Leader who is a qualified accountant, using robust checklists that we have developed over many years.

Any business who has their records kept by a qualified bookkeeper will know they have nothing to fear when the Tax or GST man come calling. https://myaccounts.com.au/why-should-i-use-a-bookkeeper/They know that their records are being maintained to a high level of accuracy and reliability.

When you use a qualified bookkeeper there are no suspense items, no unresolved questions, no one sided entries, no “fudging” of the figures, no unbalanced bank/cash accounts, no capital items wrongly allocated to repairs or other expense headings.

When you use My Accounts you have a source of knowledge that you can tap at all times for answers to complex questions about accounts, tax, GST. They quickly become your rock of knowledge behind your business bookkeeping and financial matters.

You focus exclusively on your business, safe in the knowledge that your books are in totally safe, completely professional hands.

Why would you not use such an expert when they release you from all that hassle, stress and boredom? Why would you waste your valuable time trying to learn how to do bookkeeping when all your energy should be directed into growing your business?

Why would you try and be the plumber doing brain surgery when you are the experienced expert in your own business?

Think about it – then call us!

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