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Why Businesses are Choosing Online Bookkeepers
It is challenging to run a business, whether it’s having those difficult conversations with your employees or running around trying to accomplish your business goals. With online bookkeepers now making it easier than ever to manage  your numbers and key business metrics, you need no longer worry about your books. But what exactly is an […]
Reckon Conference 2015
This article is a revised extract, taken from the Reckon Blog, of which the complete version can be found here. The 2015 Reckon Conference kicked off with a keynote address by MD Sam Allert referencing today’s ‘disruptive’ business environment, and greater need for tracking KPI’s and also announcing the strong Reckon profit in first half year of 2015. […]
Interview: Simon Kahil - CEO of Pepperleaf
Every Saturday morning, I receive a delivery of fresh fruit & veg, red meat & fish, meal recipe cards and a health magazine to top it all off. I’m a Gen-Y business owner that works long hours but also socialises excessively – therefore the most precious commodity to me is time. When I’m at home, I […]
The bottom line of accounting revolution
During the recent Accounting Software Roadshow merry-go-round, I asked myself in a state of exhaustion ‘what is this all for?’ I had momentarily lost sight of the fact that the advancement in technology is ultimately for the benefit of the most important aspect of our businesses – our clients. Since Xero came along to Australia […]
This old wolf can learn new tricks
I’m sure many of you are familiar with Aesop’s fable ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, but as a refresher, Aesop tells story about a boy who issued repeated warnings about the presence of a wolf near a village, threatening his flock of sheep. Each time this boy issued a warning, the leaders of the village would investigate, […]
Time, distance & speed - Running a(nd) business
I was stopped, frustrated, by a red light at the intersection of Falcon and Miller Street. I was on the last uphill home and wanted to hit it with momentum. When the walking man flashed green I took off. My calves ached and my lungs burned, but there wasn’t long to go – I could […]
Things I've learnt half-way through Dry July
You know when you make those rash decisions based on a flash of inspiration, and then realise the consequences of what you’ve just committed to? Well, I made one of those in June when I noticed a Dry July poster next to the elevator door in Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) in St. Leonards, Sydney. My dad […]
The comfort of innovation
Do you ever buy several books only to place them on your shelf and think that you’ll get to them soon, only to add more new books in that information queue fighting for your attention? Unfortunately, I am often guilty of this practice. In January of 2015, I purchased ‘How We Got to Now: 6 Innovations That […]
Growing up - An adult (in) business
Recently I’ve been exploring the concept of growing up as a business, and the correlation between growing up as a business and growing up as a person… probably because I get told to grow up on a weekly basis. Last month, My Accounts onboarded two new shareholders – Matthew Rowe as an Executive Director and […]
Insights into a winning culture: 2016 AFL Grand Final
Late in the fourth quarter, I still held out hope that the Swans would break through and overcome the suffocating pressure of the Bulldogs. We were trailing by 9 points, which given the way the match was being played out, was beginning to look insurmountable. In the centre square, our $10mil talisman Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin […]

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